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    • The TRUST Principles for digital repositories 

      Lin, Dawei; Crabtree, Jonathan; Dillo, Ingrid; Downs, Robert R.; Edmunds, Rorie; Giaretta, David; De Giusti, Marisa; L’Hours, Hervé; Hugo, Wim; Jenkyns, Reyna; Khodiyar, Varsha; Martone, Maryann E.; Mokrane, Mustapha; Navale, Vivek; Petters, Jonathan; Sierman, Barbara; Sokolova, Dina V.; Stockhause, Martina; Westbrook, John
      As information and communication technology has become pervasive in our society, we are increasingly dependent on both digital data and repositories that provide access to and enable the use of such resources. Repositories ...